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Overtask lets you get more done by helping you stay focused and organized.


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Stay focused on your tasks

The web browser is built for distraction, and we want to fix that. Overtask works on a concept that encourages task-based browsing. By starting your browser sessions based on tasks, you can stay focused on your tasks and increase your productivity.

Organize your Information

Overtask will organize all the sites you visit based on the task you are doing. While in a task, you can manage all your open tabs easily, add comments to them, and have better history management.

Let suggestions help you

Overtask assists you in completing a task by providing a bunch of suggested sites related to the task.

Sync tasks across platforms

By signing into OverTask, all your tasks would sync across all your Chrome browsers. Thus, you can work on-the-go without fear of losing your tasks or sites.

Share your task with others

You can share the sites in the task with your friends, colleagues, or the entire world. They'll be able to view the sites and copy the task to their account.

Start using Overtask today!


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